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A shared resilience and perseverance of people like you and me, emboldened by the event of the empty tomb and Holy Spirit, are sent into life with hope. We are carried forward by the momentum. Join UC this summer as we harness the energy and matter of hope written into our souls and on the pages of the Bible.

June 3rd - July 29th, 10:00am


Here's the thing.
The bible is one of the most formative collection of books in the history of the world.

And you deserve to know why you do, or why you don't, think it matters.

So, join UC this summer as we consider the ways we read it,
and how we want to read it going forward.

It's worth your attention. Because, we think it has everything to do with people. just. like. you.

Buy your copy of What is the Bible at UC Sunday June 3rd. Then... 

Let's talk about it:
1st & 3rd Tuesdays | 6:30pm | Dunn Bros (34th & Hennepin)
Every Thursday | 6:30pm | Dunn Bros (34th & Hennepin)
Sundays | 10:00am | as part of Sunday Service
Want to start your own conversation? Great!

Our Sunday service is an arranged marriage between the ancient with the future. Usually featuring a full band and an atmosphere that has you wondering the ways a space so big and beautiful has shaped so many lives in the past. Check out the general flow of our services below. We want you to know what you are doing when you show up. 

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