A sermon and small group series designed to speak to the basic responses we hope to develop
in the world and in our church to say most clearly: we are all in this together.
Let's never stop telling the story of how our best days are yet to come.

Rest - Sep 10th, 17th
We pause to gather and restore ourselves to notice the presence of God.

Do - Sep 24th, Oct 1st
We participate in things every day that model the love of Jesus.

Give - Oct 8th, Oct 15th
We provide time, energy and resources in gratitude for what we've first received.

Our Sunday service is an arranged marriage between the ancient with the future. Usually featuring a full band and an atmosphere that has you wondering the ways a space so big and beautiful has shaped so many lives in the past. Check out the general flow of our services below. We want you to know what you are doing when you show up. 

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