We receive ashes as a nod to what we cannot refute: death. 
But we do not die there. We do not stand still there in ashes.
Our next move in the embodiment of Lent is to walk out. 

We walk about having nodded to death, but moving still,
toward what we know is never an end, but eternal possibility.

We’re after the beauty promised in Jesus' own walking out. The tomb will not hold him, and we can confidently walk with death on our foreheads in the beauty of life because of the promise Jesus gives us, tranforming our sorrow to joy and our ashes to beauty.

*March 6th - Ash Wednesday (Psalm61)
March 10th - Nicodemus at Night (John 3)
March 17th - Fisherman & a Rabbi (John 1 & 6)
March 24th - Water then Wine (John 2)
March 31st - Nothing to Something (John 6)
April 7th - Blind and Now Seeing (John 9)
April 14th - Preparation & Panic (John 12)
*April 19th - Good Friday Service of Shadows
April 21st - Easter Sunday Dark to Light (John 19)


Sundays @10:00am

Our Sunday service is an arranged marriage between the ancient with the future. Usually featuring guitar -led music and an atmosphere that has you wondering the ways a space so big and beautiful has shaped so many lives in the past. Check out the general flow of our services below. We want you to know what you are doing when you show up. 

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