Do you know about Blue Zones? There are five; these places of lifestyle, habits and cultures that tend to produce the longest-lived people in the world. In Icaria, Greece one of three people live into their 90’s. Sardinia, Italy is the Blue Zone that boasts of the most centurions, where people are 10 times more likely to reach 100 than the average American. From 1996-2016, the small mountain village of Seulo had 20 people living at the age of 100 years old.

As we all do our best to create our personal Blue Zone this year, it’s worth considering how no one does this work alone.
No one carries the weight of life for 100 years without other people to share, laugh, cry and toil alongside.

UC is excited to create our own Blue Zones in 2018. We are wading into the deep waters of loneliness, taking a close look at what the effects, outcomes and influences of isolation, grief and low self-esteem leave behind. Studies show loneliness puts us at a greater risk of heart disease, depression, anxiety and dementia than tobacco use and obesity. One study showed prolonged loneliness reduces your lifespan as if you smoked 15 cigarettes a day.
It doesn’t take a scientific study to convince us loneliness wreaks havoc in our community. Let’s being a way forward in 2018, considering the ways in which we can make a zone of life that welcomes, creates and promotes life abundant.
See you Sundays @10:00am!

Jan 7th - Blue Zones (John 1)
Jan 14th - Start Somewhere (John 2-3)
Jan 21st - The Well Within (John 4)
Jan 28th - Share the Mat (John 5)
Feb 4th - Do You Believe...in You? (John 6)
Feb 11th - Losing Friends, Gaining Yourself (John 7)

Our Sunday service is an arranged marriage between the ancient with the future. Usually featuring a full band and an atmosphere that has you wondering the ways a space so big and beautiful has shaped so many lives in the past. Check out the general flow of our services below. We want you to know what you are doing when you show up. 

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