All over the globe, there are people who want to make a difference in their community. They want to see their children learn, their family to be healthy, their community to thrive. They want to be solution to the problems they face daily. Elaine Tymchak of Cultivate International wants to help them succeed. And we want to help her succeed.

This is an event to generate ideas. So we ask that you leave your checkbook at home.

Uptown Church recognizes an acute need for change.
It’s our experience that people find little to no value in the church as an institution. We also believe institutions cannot love people, only people can love people. We have a hunch that happens through the rubbing of elbows, sharing of space and concern for similar values in the community. That's when we can offer the nudge, to say, “God is present in the very things valued by this community.”
We believe hosting Friendraisers for local non-profits and businesses is one of the many ways to start the conversation about the value of shared ideas, a neighborhood, and the beautiful people that constitute the Church.