Rev. Jeremiah Lideen

Obsessed with simplicity.
Too critical. 
Married and happy about it.

Jeremiah and his wife Megan live in Minneapolis, Mn with their English Mastiff, Stewart. Jeremiah received his Bachelor's Degree in Youth and Family Ministry from Augsburg College, Minneapolis, Mn in 2007 and his Masters of Divinity from Luther Seminary, St Paul, Mn in 2013. 

“Through the life, death, resurrection and revelation of Jesus Christ people are given the gift of grace through faith - all these fancy church words. They mean God’s love for humanity is most fully displayed in events that happened 2000 years ago. These events have forever altered the way people interact with God. So find a friend and dig into a bible with all your questions and complaints. Study the ways God calls and interacts with people in the these writings; then be prepared to have your life stirred and shaken by the great love of God. It's here we meet the creator of all things and the lover of the smallest.”