October 27 - december 1


A new way of thinking and feeling about your relationship with money.

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What is it?

- Sermon series -
Beginning Oct 27

- Digital course -
REGISTER HERE (proceeds benefiting Joyce Foodshelf)

- Mid-week video conference -
small group check in (more info soon)

At Uptown Church we value shared story, seeking spiritual reality, and real relationship. We believe everything is a gift from God. That includes money. Money isn’t taboo if we realize it’s not about numbers. It’s about hearts, fresh starts, your unique values, and the culture we’re building together. 

We’re going to explore a profound question. What if “financial freedom” isn’t something that can be measured? And what if this simple truth opens us to seeing money as a surprising partner in our ongoing transformation to be who God is calling us to be? 

This group is for anyone - designers, teachers, doctors, leaders, parents, spouses, students, and individuals who are curious how money can be a surprising partner in their ongoing transformation. Wherever you are, start there. 

Learn and discover: 

  • How money is emotional (and why this is okay) 

  • What to do with every dollar -- without worrying about every penny 

  • How to eliminate debt and save for the future (no guilting, just the simple steps forward) 

  • A redefining of generosity as a declaration of freedom and joy 

Six Weeks on Money is a course that draws from biblical theology, financial wisdom, and research-based psychology. We are among the first churches in the world to offer this course, and we can’t wait to work it out together. 

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