Sex is complex.

Here at Uptown Church we are putting all our effort into renewing a tired view of God. If you’re worn down, looking for substance in a new way or reeling from a previous church experience that left you wanting more, we hope you’ll find a space here at UC.

Listed below are a handful of resources for continued spiritual growth specifically related to the matter of sex, sexual orientation, gender and the bible. This is just the tip of a significant resource iceberg. More than anything, we hope you understand the best way to consider what’s listed below is with a group of people who love you and want to reconstruct an understanding of God’s love for the world. So read these together. Reach out if you have questions, and always pray for the great love of God is Jesus, as it grows like a mustard seed into the lives of so many people each and every day.

Recommended Resources:

See for many resources, including “What Does It Mean to be Asexual and Christian?”

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A Complex Relationship

The United Methodist Church is making a way forward in it’s work with the LGBTQIA community, specifically related to a theological stance regarding ordination of clergy and clergy’s allowances to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. This significant opportunity for chance is happening February 23rd-26th, 2019. You can follow this special General Conference online here. You can read about the four possible ways forward for the United Methodist Church here.