Our Vision

To renew a tired view of God; 
Despite doubt, questions and concerns. 

We think Jesus would die and rise for this effort, too. 

God is doing things, God never stops doing things, God will always be doing things. 
We are promised and invited to be participants. The beauty is the change and preservation of life is just as much our’s as it is God’s imperative. It's just as much our responsibility as it is God’s. We share the kingdom of God with Jesus and with one another. We bring it as collaborators with God. Our vision is to have a lasting, positive, sober and faithful effect in South Minneapolis by offering another look at the idea of God, by way of the person of Jesus.

We Like

to live for one another.
We believe life is best lived in community. We will develop events for both individual and collective consumption. We want Uptown Church to fill Minneapolis will small groups of like-minded people, seeking to understand faith and life together. 

We Wish

people in the community knew one another and had a place to develop relationships that last and endure what life offers. Whether in small groups or large worship gatherings, we will create a network of collaboration from the simple things in life to the complex. 

What If

because of our work in South Minneapolis people felt comfortable to ask the hard questions, speak with confidence and follow Jesus despite doubt? What if we fed the hungry and sheltered the homeless? What if lives changed because of us? What if we were a lasting cornerstone in the city?