Stories with Luke

To begin 2017, we are asking and allowing the scripture to sweep over us, as we are taken up into the stories of a people very different and very similar to us. Join us each week as we read the stories, laws, letters and grumblings of people as they wrestle with God through the eyes of the gospel of Luke.

Jan 8th - Jesus' Baptism
Jan 15th - Speaking in the Hometown
Jan 22nd - Fish for People
Jan 29th - Healing over Rest
Feb 5th - Raising the Dead
Feb 12th - Are you the one? 
Feb 19th - Forgiveness
Feb 26th - Tents and Mountains


Previous Sermons and Series


In this season of waiting, we reaching deep into the faith of our ancestors and reminding ourselves that God is compassionate, merciful and abounding in love. We think Jesus wanted to tell remind people of this in the most self-giving sort of ways. Think about and experience the benevolence of God with us Sunday mornings this Christmas.

Dec 11th - Compassion
Dec 18th - Mercy
Dec 24th - Love  (Christmas Eve Service @5:00pm)

We exercise our liberty, ironically, 
by choosing between two parties on every ballot. 
Are we capable of progress in an A or B society?
And does the Christian faith offer any respite? Any distinction?

What a bunch of good questions!
Let's talk about them this election season.
In hope to find commonality, patience and above all others, love. 

Oct 30th - The Other Side of the Story
Nov 6th - The Other Side of the Aisle
Nov 13th - The Other Side of the Wall
Nov 20th - The Other Side of the World
Nov 27th - The Other Side of Death
Dec 4th - Where the Grass is Greener

It's not that we've come to a place of irreligion. It's not as if we have no hope for the future of the church. It's more like, we have understandable catches in the fabric of our daily movement that make it hard to imagine a God who even cares. 

 This fall, join us as we take a peak into the the most stalling dispositions as we learn to dance again with God and find hope in the small steps.  

Sep 18th - Exhaustion
Sep 25th - Isolation
Oct 2nd - Heartbreak
Oct 9th - Inadequacy
Oct 16th - Superstition
Oct 23rd - Cynicism

Scary Close is a sermon and discussion series through Donald Miller's latest book as a community. It is our collective goal, to individually uncover practices and patterns that help us live like the wholehearted. Listen to our Sunday sermon and come along.

Oct 4th - Wholehearted (Foreword)
Oct 11th - Me (Ch 1-2)
Oct 18th - Drop the Act (Ch 3-4)
Oct 25th - Costly Selfhood (Ch 5-6)
Nov 1st - Controlled Commitment (Ch 7-8)
Nov 8th - Sober Surroundings (Ch 9-10)
Nov 15th - Be Known (Ch 11-12)
Nov 22nd - Life Abundant (Ch 13-14)
Nov 29th - Co-dependent (Ch 15-16)
Dec 6th - Postscript

Invited to Love is a series designed, in hope, to show the way Uptown Church is asked to participate and respond to God's love expressed in Jesus. Come hear what we think it means to follow Jesus despite doubts, questions and concerns as we unearth, endure, enjoy and entrust God's love.

Unearth: Unexpected - June 21st
Unearth: Together - June 28th
Endure: Hard to Receive - July 5th
Endure: Receive to Give - July 12th
Enjoy: Shared Identity - July 19th
Enjoy: Experienced Love - July 26th
Entrust: Generosity - Aug 2nd
Block Party: No Service - Aug 9th
Entrust: Invited to Love - Aug 16th