Connect Groups

We have a hunch what makes us whole, starts small.
Central to faithfulness is our proximity to one another.
These are Connect Groups: a place to locate faith together.


Food & Friends | Every Sunday 11:30A-12:30p

Every week after Sunday Service, folks from UC take conversation to a local restaurant. This is a good opportunity to meet people with low commitment. Is it getting weird fast? Just disappear into the streets of Uptown. Things going well? Get dessert. Simple.
For more information about where we eat each week, ask someone on Sunday. 


Read Big | Tuesdays 6:30-8:00p | Dunn Bros

We are watching movies. Well, sort of. We are reading the books of the bible aloud, together, as if it were a movie. Meaning, we are taking in the scripture in large chunks. We hope you can come give this a shot with us. It really is a story worth a watch. 
(if you don't like reading aloud, cool, just come listen.)


Playdates & Parents | Wednesdays | Location Rotates

Well, you are a parent now. You’ve started talking to strangers by way of kids. You know, at the park speaking to your kid by name, but addressing the other adult slowly walking around the slides and swings speaking in a high voice. Yeah, that’s you now. Maybe you want to know these parents better? Come to our playgroup, and don’t forget to bring your kid!