Your Commitment in 2017

We believe there is power in your story. We believe your shared story in integral to the neighborhood and hope for an honest, generous and caring world. We are convinced Jesus thought similarly. In 2017 UC is focusing on the story of our community members. We want to know what makes you excited, committed and engaged. In doing so, we want to tell the story of your commitment to UC. Will you consider your commitment to UC in 2017? And together we can learn to follow Jesus despite doubt, question and concerns.


We are thrilled UC adds value to your life. In an effort to close the gap between Sundays, we want to know what gets you to attend a UC event. We think that starts by identifying what you will attend on a regular basis. Since our move to Sunday mornings we have seen steady growth in Sunday service and small group attendance in 2016. We are excited for the great impact we will have in our neighborhood in 2017!


At Uptown Church we believe giving is a way of life inseparable from the Christian identity; one that requires attention like anything else. We are grateful for the generous support of the United Methodist Church (UMC). Because of the enormous generosity of you, we've received pledges that exceed our goal of $30,000 and received a matching $30,000 from the UMC. Although we've reached our budget this year, we still encourage you to support UC on our way toward financial sustainability. 


“It takes two flints to make a fire.” You're needed. Plain and simple. With that said, how can you take part in the daily grind at UC? We want to know what you’re excited about and how that fits leadership needs within our congregation. Join us in God's mission to change and preserve lives individually and communally.