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If you’ve already set up a recurring/automatic donation to UC that means you need to switch to Breeze.
And that also means you’re in the right place. 
If you haven't set up an recurring online donation to UC, just go here and start a new account!


Cancel Vanco

Step 1 - Go here
Login In to Your Existing Account
If you forgot your login info, follow the links.

Step 2 - Delete your next Transaction.
There should be an option to delete/edit your next transaction.
Click “Delete” and you should receive the prompt in red letters,
“Transaction successfully deleted. You do not have any scheduled transactions.”

Step 3 - Cancel Vanco Profile
You should cancel your entire profile by going to the “Profile” Tab and click “Cancel Profile” at the bottom left of the page. Once you click Cancel, this cannot be undone.


Start with Breeze

Step 1 - go to
Click “Give Online”

Step 2 - Set up new giving.
Fill out form with your account and routing number or Credit/Debit Card information.
Choose how often you would like this gift to occur and which day you'd like it to start.

That’s it! Contact if you have questions.