Tired of the same old tips, worksheets, rules, formulas, budgets and other “quick fixes” aimed at helping you achieve better financial balance?

At the foundation of Better Halves is an understanding that only through alignment as a couple will you be empowered to reach your goals. The process starts by helping you develop and enhance your self-awareness and relationship skills.  We are excited to include as part of the pre-work to Better Halves the Couple Checkup personalized assessment powered by PREPARE/ENRICH.

As you explore your emotional relationship with money, you’ll learn healthy communication skills, including how to constructively disagree and come to a resolution. We’ll help you examine everything from your spending habits to your financial beliefs and goals.

During the three hour workshop, you and your partner will learn: 

  • How to start a healthy and productive conversation about your money.
  • How your personal experience of money affects your daily conversations and interactions.
  • Gain fresh insights that will help you make financial choices as a team.
  • Discover the benefits of goal setting based on progress instead of perfection.

Cost for the workshop is $40 per Couple. If cost is an issue for you and your better half, we want you to come anyway. Please contact jeremiah@uptownchurch.mn to work out the details. We want you there!