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UC is proud to partner with Ace in the City in support of the Back2School Backpack Drive, for the fourth year in a row! We want to collect 30 backpacks over the next four weeks, to help Ace reach their goal of 250 backpacks for the Back2School Bash and more importantly, we want the children of South Minneapolis to strut into the first day of school proud and confident!

30 Backpacks. 

UC is helping in a few ways, one of which, is committing to 30 backpacks, collecting now until Sunday, August 11th! 

These backpacks will then be filled with quality, brand-specific school supplies and sold at the Bash at a reduced cost. All proceeds from the event will directly benefit the ongoing work of Ace in the City.

Where Do I Bring 'Em?
Bring your backpacks (empty!) to UC anytime between now and August 11th. (Look over there -->) is a list of suggested backpacks for your trip to the store.

EXTRA: Throw in another 20. Dollars.
If you slip a $20 bill in the backpack, you have just "filled" the backpack with supplies. 100% of your $20 pays for the supplies to fill each of these backpacks.

BRAND-SPECIFIC Backpacks (Please, no wheels!)

For Younger Students (Pre-K – 3rd grade):

  • » Cartoon or Character

  • » Playful designs

For Older Students (4th – 12th grade):

  • Quality new backpacks

  • » Jansport

  • » Columbia

  • » Coleman

  • » Eastport

  • » Wildkin

Key Dates:
July 14th - Backpack Collection Begins
Aug 11th - Backpack Collection Ends
Aug 24th - Back2School Bash