What Wakes Us

What Challenges Us

We love questions. We seek to sit in the gray areas of faith, and find it more and more tolerable, even comfortable, as time passes. 
We expect to have concerns and doubts when we read the bible, live among one another and address God. But it's great, because it means we are living. We are excited to build a faith community fueled by the questions, doubts and affirmations of individuals. We are driven to learn and live for one another, side by side, as followers of Jesus.
We are convinced Jesus' life, death and resurrection call us to something so much bigger than ourselves. It is in the questions we find hope, peace, discomfort and a sober and sustainable faith. We are so excited to follow Jesus, we invite you to our table and hope you're as excited about being alive as we are. 

We are challenged by the simple and common interactions between living, breathing people. We believe the daily dialogue between people is the foundation of our future. We have a hunch Jesus thought similarly. 
We are challenged by the faith we claim and the history of those who claim it before us. We are challenged by the science and the way it impacts our very real experiences with God. We are challenged by social injustice, sexual identity, homelessness, hunger and simple inconsideration. 
We are challenged to join God in the work already here in Minneapolis. We are challenged and invited to stand with God as collaborators, to bring love, peace, hope and joy. We are called to proclaim the gospel of Jesus, and it begins here and now. We don't know when it ends, but it's ours to carry forward. 

A faith community renewing a tired experience with God.