Our Values

The goal of most churches in it's most simple form, to change and preserve lives. We are invited to join God in a life lived with and for one another. To unearth, endure, enjoy and entrust the loving and living grace of Jesus Christ for the world. Call them values. Call them actions. Call them a mission.

Unearth |  The story of God's presence from a temple to the hearts of men and women is a living testament to the work, joy and lifetime we can and will spend as a community loved by God and called to do the same. Through biblical study and time with one another we discover the love of God for us and others.

Endure | Adjusting to the weight that we no longer bear because of God’s love for us in Jesus requires a measure of strength, humility and authenticity. Upon further observation we realize we are then called to bear the burden of our neighbor and enemy. The love of God is a sacrificial love which gives and gives unto death. We are called to give and give; unto death.

Enjoy | We gather weekly to celebrate, remind and stand fast in our identity as people loved by God. We read together, eat together and sing together for we are united in this love. We celebrate what we do not deserve as individuals and a community.

Entrust | We are "beggars showing other beggars where to find bread." The love of God in Jesus, which takes us a lifetime to unearth, endure and enjoy, is not held in reserve. We are called to equip and lead others into the same risky and life-giving effort, to go into the world and wear the identity of people loved by God in their daily life. We trust in Jesus's spirit to carry on God's legacy outside of us, even despite us.